A451 – Computing Utilities and Defragging

This post will explain what computer utilities are along with a few examples and explain what defragging does.

What are computer utilities?

Computer utilities are what you think they would be, the same as utilities we have in the real word like computers, showers, etc.

Utility software is system software that is designed to help analyze, configure, optimize and maintain a computer.

Examples of Computer Utilities:

  • Antivirus software
  • Back up software
  • File repair
  • File renaming
  • Defragging etc.
mfe_primary_logo_rgb_234_2399_238_2399McAfee anti-virus logo


What does defragging do?

Over time files and the hard drive itself becomes fragmented as your computer slows down and it has to look in many different places to find and open a file.

Disk Defragmenter is a utility that arranges the data on your hard drive and puts fragmented files back together so that your computer can run efficiently.

auslogics-disk-defrag-portable-4Defragging in process

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